Wealth Management

Sweeten Wealth Management provides comprehensive financing planning, insurance and investment management services for individuals, families and businesses.

We focus on Comprehensive Financial Planning. We will review your existing investments and discuss: insurance, liability exposure, estate planning, cash flow management, education planning, disability, long-term care, asset allocation, income tax planning, retirement needs analysis, social security, distribution rules, and legacy goals.

We believe the key ingredients to investment success are:

  • reduce expenses
  • structured diversification
  • minimize taxes and turnover
  • think long-term
  • apply discipline
  • hold low-cost funds
  • maintain asset allocation

What We Do:

  1. Develop a custom plan based on your retirement goals.
  2. Match your investment portfolio with your plan. Many investors allocate their life savings based on an arbitrary age, risk level, or what their neighbor told them to do. We help you target your allocation to your long term goal.
  3. Implement your investment strategy using efficiently built portfolios, global diversification and low cost funds.
  4. Monitor the plan and the portfolio we have agreed upon to make sure you stay on your planned path to retirement.